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Halogen lamps based on the evolution of the Laser and Varipro ranges. These high-end products rely on a new concept of electronics which enables the bulb to run at a constant power.
Vario have a power selector with 2 settings (70% and 120%). This allows you to adjust the light intensity to suit the subject being observed and to adjust the burn time (55min to 88min).
The bulbs are powered with overvoltage to increase their performance by 20%.
For your safety, a flashing dual colored LED lets you check the remaining burn time while the lamp is in use. The corresponding electronic circuit warns the diver of the imminent end of the burn time via a flashing bulb.







Recommended Price (VAT included) :

429 € TTC

Secondaries views :

Detailed product file


 luminous flux

   A 50 Watt halogen bulb powered with overvoltage / 1700 Lumens 

 color temperature

   3400 Kelvins

 burn time

   1h27 at 70%

   58 min  at 120%


   Very high capacity cells of 14.4V/3.8Ah NiMh



   Option to adapt  a 90° reflector on order


   External charging pins

   Patented safety valve

   Watertight, self-cleaning microswitch

   Hydrogen catalyst

   Moisture sensor

 Output levels

   Off / 120% / 70%

 dEPth Rating

   200 m

 Use out of the water



   Marine-quality anodized aluminium alloy coloured body

   Glasse screen Borosilicate




   Fixing on arms by the handle Dual colored LED to indicate remaining


 CHARGing time

   3h30 with rapid charger


   180x80 mm

   Water/300gr - Air/1100gr


   2 years - Battery included


   Transport box included


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