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BERSUB has partnered professional divers for several years. Beyond its technical and professional support, a full flowing friendship has been forged over time...and a shared passion for the ocean depths…

Aaron WONG
Aaron Wong is one of the most published and recognized underwater photographer in Asia. With over a decade of experience and countless international awards to his name, including Our World Underwater, Through the Lens, and BBC Wildlife Photographer. Aaron’s underwater images have set a whole new standard for the industry.

Aaron brings into the underwater world the eye and polish of a successful commercial photographer. What results is a sublime, luminous body of work that highlights the abject beauty and subtle mystery of the world beneath the waves. In 2006, Aaron started the WATER.COLORS project where he merged two of his greatest passions by bringing fashion photography underwater. Since than, images of graceful models underwater, have graced the pages of fashion magazines, won awards, and fronted Ad campaigns.

In April 2011, Aaron published his first book titled ‘WATER.COLORS’ showcasing some of the most stunning underwater images the world has ever seen. In April 2012, Aaron published his 2nd book titled ‘THE BLUE WITHIN’. With a foreword by David Doubilet, this book showcases the best of his award winning underwater images from a decade of underwater exploration.

Aaron is now one of the most sort after underwater photographer in Asia with sponsorships from best underwater manufacturer included BERSUB, a prestige reserved for the very best in the industry.

Through his images, Aaron helps spread the message of marine conservation. Most notably is his work with sharks where he campaigns actively for the projection of these beautiful animals. As the ambassador of Shark Savers, Aaron started the ‘FINished with Fins’ campaign, which aims to educate the mainstream media on the reality of shark finning.

Coral Guardian

Coral Guardian
Coral Guardian is a non-profit organisation involved in active conservation of marine ecosystems, running coral reef rehabilitation programs on damaged reef areas to enhance local biodiversity. Three-quarters of world's coral reefs is in danger of dying owing to pollution, overfishing and climate change The rapid decline of these complex ecosystems has significant social, economic and environmental impacts around the world.

Cyril TRICOT : EauSeaBleue

Founded in 1994 by Cyril Tricot, the company Eau Sea Bleue is the culmination of a passion for the sea, nature and images… It offers ever more impressive high quality images to the world of cinema, advertising and TV, like the "Ushuaïa Nature" programs where it manages all underwater sequences.

Francis LEGUEN : Les carnets de plongées

Adventurer, explorer, photographer, journalist, director and author, Francis Leguen plies all of these trades with a passion: he has been practicing diving for many years. He namely designed the “Carnets de Plongée” series which today broadcasts thirty programs on Voyage, TMC, Planète Thalassa, Escales, Ushuaïa TV and France 5.

Patrice STRAZZERA : Le sommeil des épaves

A level 3 technical diver certified by FFESSM (French Federation of Underwater Studies and Sports), Nitrox and Trimix diver certified by IANTD (International Association of Nitrox and Technical Divers) and Class 2 scuba diver, underwater photographer Patrice Strazzera transforms forgotten wrecks into literary works, where the poetic black and white of his photos is an accurate reflection of the atmosphere beneath the depths. He has published may works including “Le Sommeil des épaves” (“the Sleeping Wrecks”).
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