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FAQ Practical details

How long are BERSUB diving lamps under warranty?

The lamps are under warranty for 1 year + 1 year for parts and labor, excluding wear parts. This warranty does not cover incorrect use of the product, negligence, disassembly, shocks, droppage or overheating.
The second year of warranty is approved by your dealer in the 12th month following the date of purchase.

Where can I buy a BERSUB product?

BERSUB products are exclusively distributed by our network of retailers. You can consult our list of dealers under the heading: Dealers

FAQ Technical details

What precautions should be taken when charging with charger 115/230V(first model) ?

1. Check the condition of the lamp’s charging pins: very dry.
2. Check that the charger’s K7 plug is plugged in with the white mark on the side aligned with the white spot.
3. Check that the rapid charger’s mains current switch is properly positioned (115 or 230V).
4. Plug the charger into the lamp then into the mains (white mark aligned with the white spot).
5. Check that the red LED is lit to indicate rapid charging. It should then automatically switch to trickle charging (green LED) with no time limit.
If the charger does not switch during rapid charging:
- check the position of the lamp’s on-off switch and that the cam is in place,
- check the lamp is working properly,
- check the condition of the connectors,
- unplug the charger, wait for the LEDs to fade completely then plug the charger into the lamp before plugging it into the mains.


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How long should a lamp be plugged into the charger?

- For a standard charger: the charge time varies from 10 to 14 hours according to the products.
The charge does not stop automatically. The LED lights up to indicate charging. If you charge it for longer, there is no serious effect provided that this is not repeated too often. A safety switch automatically cuts the current if the temperature of the cells exceeds the set point.

- For the rapid charger: the electronic charger conducts an accelerated charge at a constant current then automatically switches to trickle charging once the cells are charged (without endangering the cells in any way over a long period). The cells are charged from a 230V 50Hz or 115V 60Hz power source (voltage selector on the charger). Consumption of the charger: 25 VA maximum. The lamp can be charged regardless of the charge level of the cell pack.

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How does the 2008 version of the new rapid 6V/20Vcharger work?

It adapts automatically to all new BERSUB lamps (from N°16222) of 6 V to 14.4 V and to a 100 to 240V power supply.
To charge a BERSUB lamp:
1- Plug in the charger to the mains, the green LED on the charger will light up (presence of mains current),
2- Plug in the K7 plug (white mark aligned with the white spot) on the lamp, the green LED flashes (charging),
3- Once charging is complete, the green LED become static once again (lamp charged), the charger has switched to trickle charging.


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How do you open a diving lamp?

Hold the back of the lamp and unscrew the tube in a clockwise direction.
For older models of lamp, turn it a quarter of the way round, the tube’s base pins must be in the centre of the pins on the rear flange.

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How do you change a halogen or HID bulb?

Remove the lamp tube, then delicately remove the bulb without touching it with your fingers (see instructions).

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Should a diving lamp be serviced? How often?

A diving lamp is a technical product, it is therefore vital to have it checked or serviced throughout the year, according to the rate of use.

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When should the joints be changed? When should they be oiled?

During each service, the condition of the joints must be examined and they must be oiled if necessary (avoid excess oiling) and changed roughly every 2 years.

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Should a charged lamp be stored?

It is recommended to store a charged diving lamp, as cells have a rather high self-discharge.

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Should the lamp be completely discharged of power before recharging?

No, it is not necessary to discharge the lamp before charging it as the NiMh cells have no "memory effect”.

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I have a halogen lamp, can I use a HID bulb?

It is impossible to change a halogen bulb for a HID bulb (and vice versa) as they are electronically incompatible.

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I have a halogen lamp, can I use a LED module?

It is mechanically impossible to adapt an LED module to a lamp equipped with a halogen bulb.

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Which charger should be used for which lamp?

The standard C 20 charger functions on all 6 V and 7.2 V lamps: Laser GT 30, Jupiter 4x4 and Jupiter 600.

The standard C 50 charger functions on all 12 V and 13.2 V lamps in 50 W: Venus 50, Vario 60.

Automatic rapid cahrger 6/20V (2008 and more) functions on all BERSUB lamps from serial numbers 16222

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how to change the batteries of Neptune 3 et 4

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Vidéo_how to change the batteries of NEPTUNE Dive

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how to change the batteries of VARILED dive light

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Vidéo_how to change the batteries of VARILED Dive

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