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Our assets


All Bersub products benefit from over 20 years of expertise. We develop lighting using patented, secure technologies:

  • Patented safety valve coupled with charge pins to avoid any internal cut-out.
  • Hydrogen catalyst and moisture sensor on all LED models
  • Very high quality NiMh accumulator for enhanced reliability and longer burn time.
  • Thermal protection during charge and discharge.
  • Watertight by double "o"rings.
  • Control electronics for the charge and discharge of cells.
  • Control electronics for the light source.



We adhere to a stringent quality protocol which includes tests for each of the products produced prior to sale:

  • Watertight test in hyperbaric chambers up to 20 bars
  • Brigthness test.
  • Electronic test.
  • mechanical test.


In order to ensure complete control over production, all of the component parts of our products are designed, manufactured and assembled in France.
Our products are subject to highly stringent specifications from Research and Development on CAD to the systematic follow-up of our subcontractors, the quality control of spare parts and the assembly and testing of our end products.


Advantages products

In order to make diving easier for our customers, our products have assets which set them apart:

  • 2-years warranty on parts and cost of labour excluding in the case of wear parts, shocks, overheating or incorrect usage (mandatory free technical inspection in the 13th month at one of our dealer’s).
  • External charge for handling without the lamp opening at all.
  • Very high quality NiMh accumulator for enhanced reliability and longer burn time.
  • Watertight, self-cleaning microswitch.
  • Glass screen Borosilicate.
  • Marine-quality anodized aluminum alloy coloured body.
  • Optimised bulk for all lamps: smaller volume for equivalent power.
  • Interchangeable halogen spotlights and LED and HID on a single PC which can be disconnected.
  • Very high power LED for a light path without a colour change.
  • Thread M8 on all products. Standard for arms.
  • Specific beam angle reflector graded per power and type of use:
    • 20° for 50W Explo.
    • 25° for 100W Explo.
    • Up to 90° pour les vidéo models HID and Halogen.
    • 14° collimator for LED lamp Neptune and Jupiter.
    • 20° collimator for LED lamp LED HD PRO.
    • 50° collimator for LED Vidéo lamp LED (ask for order).

After sale

We provide our dealers with a proactive and efficient customer service. In the event of any problems, do not hesitate to consult the list of dealers specialized in BERSUB underwater diving equipment •A responsive and effective customer service.

  • Your email questions handled within 3 days.
  • Rapid repair times: 1 to 3 weeks maximum*.


*After acceptance of the quote drawn up within a week of receiving the lamp.


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